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Place Your Oxygen Mask Over Your Mouth First!

Then put one on your child. Because if you don't take care of yourself first, you'll pass out and die and then your child will die because you aren't there to help them! Great analogy about life, right?

This is the twisted message I got while listening to the flight attendant go over the safety card in our seat back pockets before our plane took off for Kauai this summer.

It got me thinking about our work/life balance and how we have it all wrong. If COVID has taught us anything useful the past year+, it's that the only reason most people "go" to work is to socialize and use the company internet.

Most of our time is spent "at work" hanging over our co-worker's cubicles and blabbing about the last episode of so and so, who they're dating, and what they're going to do on the weekends. Then, to catch up, eight hours turn in to nine or ten and you probably get an hour or two of actual work done. You're fat and un-healthy - because you eat junk food at your desk - and your kids will be grown and gone before you know it. And you'll probably be impotent and divorced.

I don't want to brag (but I will), being the hard core introvert that I am, I can do a whole day's work - at home and alone! - in two hours and spend the rest of the "work day" on myself and the kids, etc. Yes, I guess my "work ethic" sucks because I don't fall for the the 9-to-5 American work day and the 48-hour work week we have been brainwashed to believe is the perfect formula for productivity and success. I don't believe in killing myself slowly for the majority of my life so I can retire when I'm 78 (like Social Security wants me to do). I'd be too old and broken to enjoy life. Carpe diem!!!

Grab life by the balls and live the hell out of it. But also eat healthy and exercise.

This week's guest, Diane Randall, gives me a smack in the head and says, "snap out of it!" Okay, not really. But she does have a lot of interesting things to say and lots of no-nonsense advice on "mental wellness, self-care, self-realization, plant-based nutrition, and whole life wellness."

Enjoy the show!

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