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Fuck You, Matt Damon!

Kudos to Matt Damon's daughter for being more of a grown up than he is by calling him out for using the word "faggot".

I'm glad Matt has recently decided to stop using the word but did it really take a grown-ass man's young daughter calling him out on it for him to realize that it's just not right to throw that word around like it doesn't hurt people?

Well, Mr. Damon, it fucking hurts!!! It made my life a living hell in middle school and high school! It nearly fucking hurt me to the point of suicide! I dropped out of high school not because I didn't want to learn but because I couldn't learn in that environment.

Assholes like YOU, Matt, are the cause of much anguish, humiliation, suicide, and even murder. It's so "brave" of you to admit your casual use of the word - up until last week? - and recent "woke-ness" about it. How nice of you to finally stop using it (now that you are a grown-ass 50-something year old man).

But the damage has already been done. I don't suppose that this new-found consideration for others has caused you to apologize to the many people you have hurt and/or damaged for life. Have you visited the graves of those who committed suicide because of your relentless taunting and abuse? No. I didn't think so.

Anyway, thanks for not using the word faggot anymore, Matt. But fuck you for using it in the first place!

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