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A Brief History of Hating my Face - NY Times Story

I hope everyone reads this (and watches the video). I've dealt with hating my face since I was a child. And it wasn't just "in my head" as some people would say. People would, and still do, think it's okay to comment on how red my face is. It's not a problem I created or ever wanted, yet everyone seems to think I have some kind of control over it. Like, if you tell me how red my face is, I can do something to magically make it better. Well, after several laser procedures and medicines - over the counter drugs, vitamins, and prescriptions, it did not get better. It has only gotten worse with age. I guess I should be happy that I have been strong enough to overcome the excruciating anxiety and depression it has caused me throughout my life and I did not kill myself, and that I am now old enough not to give a fuck anymore. Anyway, this story is about a beautiful woman named Shaina Feinberg who only believes she is hideous. She deserves our empathy and respect nonetheless. Society has unrealistic expectation about what is beautiful and what is "normal." Social media has only made the problem much worse. Anyway, watch! Click on link below.

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